Belknap Roofing LLC

IL License 104-015355

Bonded - Insured
Residential Roofing

We work year round  - we are a 4-season roofer!

New Construction
Whether it's  a new home
or an addition to an existing home, Belknap Roofing has over 20 years of roofing experience. 

Your roof is not just not just nailing up some shingles. 
A roof is integrated components that work together to protect your most valuable investment, your home. 
This includes:
 • Roof deck
 • Leak barriers
 • Roof deck protection
 • Starter strip
 • Shingles
 • Attic vents
 • Ridge cap shingles
 • Metal flashings
We work year round
We are a four season roofing company. We
do New Construction,
Re-Roofing, Roof Repair
and Inspections any time
of the year.

When repairs will no longer fix the leaks or problems, a new roof is needed,

You probably need to re-roof when you have:
 • Leakage after a
 • Leakage after an icy
 • Pealing of exterior
 • Stains on interior
   walls or cracks
 • Exterior decay of
 • Cracked & curling
 • Dirty looking areas &
 • High energy & utility

We will remove your old shingles, make sure your roof deck is in good repair, put down a leak barrier, new shingles, attic vents and proper ridge cap shingles.
Roof Repair
There are times when a roof is damaged and repairing the damaged area can extend the life
of your roof.

If your damage is due to a storm, we can meet with your insurance adjuster on site to make sure your adjuster is aware of all the repairs needed to fix the damage properly.

Gutter Guard Systems
Leaf & debris gutter protection system. We are a factory dealer and installer for the innovative Raindrop Gutter Guard System which:
 • Ends gutter cleaning
 • Proven performance
 • Self cleaning design
 • Looks great
 • Budget friendly

     Click here for pdf of
     Raindrop flyer

Roof inspections are often required as part of a loan approval process. The lender needs to be assured the roof is in good condition and has  years of life remaining.

Owners may want an independent inspection to determine what repairs need to be done or be assured repairs were done properly.

The inspection will include observations, recommended corrections and the anticipated remaining life of the roof given normal care and maintenance.